ArcherDX has expanded its assay product portfolio with the introduction of new immune repertoire sequencing assays.

The new Archer Immunoverse immune repertoire sequencing assays are targeted NGS assays that will the human immune repertoire from RNA.

With the addition of new assays, the Archer product portfolio currently includes Reveal ctDNA 28 assay for liquid biopsy research, VariantPlex and FusionPlex assays for SNV/indel, copy number variation (CNV) and gene fusion detection.

Immunoverse assays uses patented anchored multiplex PCR (AMP) chemistry for open-ended amplification from molecular-barcoded (MBC) adapters.

After sequencing, Immunoverse libraries will be analyzed using the Immune Repertoire pipeline in Archer Analysis, which is a transparent tool for clonotype identification and frequency reporting.

Archer Analysis offers detailed clonotype information in custom-filtered tables, as well as better visualizations and full data exports to answer advanced research questions.

Immunoverse kits are available in eight-strip formats, which use fully lyophilized reagents to minimize user error and contamination.

ArcherDX CEO Dr Jason Myers said: "We quickly found that AMP chemistry is ideal for interrogating VDJ recombination and gaining a true and reproducible measure of clonotypes.

"This unbiased approach towards VDJ-recombined sequences can yield more than 100,000 clonotypes in a single reaction, without the fear of PCR bias."  

ArcherDX research and development director and vice president Dr Brian Kudlow said: "Tagging input molecules with molecular barcodes prior to amplification enables highly quantitative analysis of clonotype frequencies and provides a true measure of the sample's repertoire.”