The parties aim to localize ArcDia’s mariPOC testing platform in China, and to build-up production capacity to respond the increasing demand for decentralized infection diagnostic services in China. Under the terms of the license agreement, ArcDia will supply Xinhua Healthcare with critical biochemical assay components and to provide Xinhua Healthcare with R&D services. The license is limited to the P.R. China.

“We are very excited about this deal and partnership with Xinhua Healthcare. ArcDia and Xinhua Healthcare are a perfect match and the agreement presents ArcDia with an opportunity to better serve the growing Chinese market”, says Dr Aleksi Soini, CEO of ArcDia International Ltd. “The Chinese government is investing heavily in health care, and I believe that China could become the leading country in infection management within a few years. Moreover, this deal gives ArcDia a significant scale advantage, which also improves the competitiveness of the mariPOC platform in western markets”, continues Dr Soini.

“This agreement allows Xinhua Healthcare to expand its IVD business in point-of-care testing (POCT) for infections – the market that is growing at the highest pace in China”, says Mr Li Chuancun, Chairman of Xinhua Healthcare Ltd. “We have found that there is a large market demand for ArcDia’s products and technology in China. The mariPOC platform allows the implementation of cost-efficient decentralized diagnostics services, which is an element of the strategic focus of our Government’s health care policy”, Mr Li continues.

Source: Company Press Release.