Applied Biosystems announced that it will start the shipment of a novel genomic analysis platform, the SOLiD 3 System, on February 14, 2009. SOLiD 3 System is an advanced genomics system that enables life science researchers to sequence entire genomes of all organisms at a much lower cost. The system also expands the menu of applications into gene expression and epigenetic analysis, ultimately allowing customers to move one step closer to mainstream use of genomic data for clinical research and personalized medicine. The SOLiD 3 System has generated 40 gigabases of data per sequencing run in company’s research and development laboratories, with an accuracy of 99.94% due to 2-base encoding algorithms. The combination of these performance attributes further establishes Applied Biosystems’ next-generation sequencing approach as the technology platform of choice for a broad range of advanced genomics research. The SOLiD System is also achieving 100 base pair read lengths per sequencing run, enabling the platform’s use for metagenomic and de novo applications. Additionally, the system has demonstrated up to 1 billion sequencing tags per run for RNA analysis applications. The SOLiD 3 System is utilizing a suite of integrated, application-focused workflow solutions that accelerates genomic discovery, characterization, and screening for large-scale genome mapping and disease studies.