TBDxV provides automated computer-aided analysis for a clinician; specifically displaying acid-fast tuberculosis (TB) bacteria using Signature Mapping’s advanced computer vision and pattern recognition technologies.

Signature Mapping TBDxV software integrates APVS’ patented visualization algorithms and processes with existing analog bright-field microscopes to highlight tuberculosis bacilli in sputum slides.

The 200-slide capacity ‘auto-loader’ delivers individual slides to a microscope slide stage.

A digital camera is attached to the microscope and it captures and digitizes images of the Ziehl-Neelsen-stained sputum slide samples.

The images are treated as digital ‘fields of view (FOV).’

The images are then displayed on the workstation monitor.

For each FOV, the technician will input the count of bacilli, establishing a ‘load’ count for each specimen; accumulate and tally the data; and output a report on the findings including the current severity.

TBDxV is the precursor to TBDx, a TB diagnostics system currently nearing completion of Phase II clinical trials in South Africa that features automatic TB detect ion capabilities.