Antares Pharma has introduced advanced proprietary line of Vibex auto-injectors, that employs a coil-spring power source to rapidly deliver the prescribed medication.

Vibex QS is designed to enhance the patient experience with self-administered parenteral drugs including most biological agents.

Antares claims that its new Vibex QS auto-injector platform offers a dose capacity of 1ml and greater in a compact design.

Additionally, the new design accommodates fast injection of highly-viscous drug products that stall less-powerful conventional auto-injectors, Antares said.

Antares Parenteral Products Division senior vice president and general manager said that for patients, the new Vibex QS design offers a compact device easily carried in a pocket or small handbag.

"Our approach optimizes Vibex performance for the attributes most critical to patient acceptance–speed, comfort and discretion," Sadowski said.