EndoStim is currently available in Europe, Asia and several other countries in Latin America such as Chile and Colombia.

EndoStim vice president of operations Shai Policker noted the company is very pleased to announce that it has received approval from ANMAT to treat patients in Argentina.

"We are excited to continue developing our presence in Latin America, to offer a new alternative to patients unsatisfied with traditional treatment options," Policker added.

Fundacion Favaloro minimally invasive esophageal surgery director Dr Alejandro Nieponice noted they are excited to introduce this new technology in its program that can help patients with GERD without the side effects of current alternatives.

"In Argentina many patients suffer from this disease and they are constantly seeking for options that provide relief without the need of taking pills every morning," Dr Nieponice added.

Corpomedica distributes and markets the EndoStim LES stimulation system in Argentina.

EndoStim Latin America director of operations Simone Arins said: "We believe our partnership with the highly experienced team at Corpomedica S.A. will greatly assist in making our technology accessible at hospitals throughout Argentina."