The approval was granted for OneTouch Vibe Plus system for the treatment of patients aged two and older living with diabetes.

OneTouch Vibe Plus is claimed to be the only insulin pump incorporated with Dexcom G5 mobile CGM technology.

The system will allow patients to see their glucose reading at all times either on their pump or using the Dexcom G5 App on their smart phone to deliver required amounts of insulin patients needed from the pump.

Dexcom G5 transmitter gathers blood glucose readings from the Dexcom sensor and wirelessly sends them to the patient's OneTouch Vibe Plus insulin pump screen and compatible smart device with the support of Dexcom G5 mobile system and app.

This will allow patients and caregivers to access CGM data and take informed diabetes management decisions.

Glucose data can be shared with up to five people using the Dexcom Follow App, in addition to the primary smart device.

JJDCC  chief medical officer Dr Brian Levy said: "People living with diabetes will no longer have to pull out their pump to read their glucose readings. By having constant access to glucose readings on their pump and now their smart devices, the OneTouch Vibe Plus will give people with diabetes greater flexibility and discretion.

"This unique connectivity combined with the OneTouch Vibe Plus System's patented technology that delivers insulin with exceptional accuracy and precision will help patients—even the most insulin-sensitive patients—stay in their target glucose range."

Image: OneTouch Vibe Plus insulin pump and CGM system has secured US FDA approval and Health Canada authorization.