The new Angeion TRUcal system provides daily caloric requirements with added bluetooth wireless connectivity. According to the company, the New Leaf’s enhanced TRUcal system is simple and user friendly and is designed for corporate wellness programs, weight loss franchises, commercial fitness sites, nutritionists and dieticians.

Angeion said that the system also integrates with New Leaf’s online management tool that enables monitoring, tracking and trending of a consumer’s daily progress toward weight management and fitness. Additionally, ENERGYsmart, New Leaf’s online nutrition, meal planning and tracking tool can be utilized to ensure consumers’ eating habits are healthy and tailored to their resting metabolic rate.

Rodney Young, president and chief executive fficer of Angeion, said: “Development of the enhanced TRUcal system reflects marketplace demand for our New Leaf line of products and services that promote a healthy lifestyle. An individual’s resting metabolic rate is key to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body, as well as achieving personal fitness goals.

“TRUcal scientifically captures the metabolic information to empower consumers to take more responsibility for their own health, and with wireless connectivity, TRUcal is very easy to use.”