Andain’s product is an ultra slim, low profile, small ‘Band-Aid’ patch size, disposable, programmable, water-proof, low cost insulin pump.

Along with the plug-in universal remote-control (PUR) unit capable of interfacing with any smartphone, hand-held, laptop, or desk-top computer, it is claimed to offer a safe, comfortable and affordable solution for the type-II diabetes community.

Andain president and CEO Sam Elimelech said, "Our current initial production line, enables us to continue developing and assimilating methodologies to be used on a large scale production base, and further reduce production costs."

Even though the planned clinical trials are not required for FDA clearance, Andain is set to carry out a thorough clinical trial intended for type-II diabetes, with the aim to demonstrate clinical and ease-of-use advantages in utilizing its miniature disposable pump, which is intended to replace the common pen injector at similar cost to the patient or medical insurer.