Ancora Heart is partnering with digital health company egnite to expedite enrolment in the CORCINCH-HF clinical trial of its AccuCinch Ventricular Restoration System.

The US-based medical device company will use the trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of its transcatheter device-based therapy in heart failure patients.

The collaboration with egnite will combine the advanced technology and expertise of both companies to deliver innovative therapies to patients faster.

The first site in the prospective, randomised, open-label, and multicentre trial is the Christ Health Network in Cincinnati, Ohio. It will use egnite’s Trial Accelerator artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help in identifying patients who are eligible.

Ancora Heart chief commercial officer Mark Miles said: “Our goal with the development of the AccuCinch System is to provide a minimally invasive treatment option to further improve the lives of heart failure patients whose symptoms progress despite guideline directed medical therapy.

“This partnership with egnite and The Christ Health Network will allow us to deploy AI tools such as egnite’s Trial Accelerator and expedite identification of eligible candidates for the CORCINCH-HF trial.”

Other participating locations in the CORCINCH-HF trial will also use egnite’s Trial Acceleration technology for patient identification and enrolment.

According to Ancora Heart, the technology speeds up the enrolment in clinical trials through AI and big data processing.

The solution can automatically screen patients against trial parameters to identify more candidates for clinical trials without requiring hospital staff to spend hours manually reviewing patient charts.

egnite president and CEO Joel Portice said: “We are thrilled to partner with leading life sciences organisations like Ancora Heart and apply our novel technology to accelerate clinical trial enrolment.

“We believe this collaboration is a significant step forward for patients and are excited to be at the forefront of cardiovascular care.”

Ancora Heart’s proprietary AccuCinch system is a completely transcatheter device that is intended to restore the structure and function of the enlarged left ventricle of the heart.

The investigational device is designed to address the progression of heart failure in patients with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF).