The Flex Focus system has been developed for point-of-care applications, including anesthesia, pain management, musculoskeletal and emergency medicine.

It can be equipped with Quantum Imaging Technology to improve efficiency, speed and accessibility.

Analogic ultrasound group general manager and senior president Farley Peechatka said the clinical evaluation of the new Sonic Window reveals that the combination of advanced ultrasound imaging technology with portability makes small and pocket-sized device an efficient tool to use in clinical settings for the successful establishment of peripheral IV.

"We believe the Sonic Window will expand into clinical settings and other applications to address procedure guidance, and visualization needs in acute care settings and physician offices," Peechatka added.

The company is exhibiting the Flex Focus system at Anesthesiology 2014, which is being held from 11 to 15 October in New Orleans.

In addition, Analogic showcases new compact SonixTouch Q+ and SonixOne Q+ ultrasound systems for point-of-care applications, at the event.

The company is also set to introduce Sonic Window handheld ultrasound system, an ultra-compact system for direct visualization of structures beneath the skin in real time to effectively guide clinicians placing peripheral IVs.