Analogic is introducing the new method and showcasing its full suite of ultrasound platforms at the 99th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA), December 1-6, 2013.

VFI Assist is a new technology that, together with VFI technology, allows angle independent visualization of blood flow and automatic sample gate placement for spectral Doppler assessment.

As a result, a potentially quicker patient assessment is realized. VFI Assist also enables volume flow measurement while imaging the vasculature as well, which could potentially help in dialysis graft patency assessment.

The company’s VFI Assist is part of the groundbreaking Quantum Plus Technology, offering image quality advancements that make it easier and quicker for clinicians to obtain the highest quality images.

Analogic president and CEO Jim Green noted both VFI and our new VFI Assist are exclusive to the company, and exemplify its ongoing dedication to research and collaboration to develop leading-edge ultrasound solutions.

"VFI and VFI Assist provide extremely high-quality visualization of complex blood flow, potentially allowing for a faster assessment and diagnosis. We believe these technologies are valuable clinical tools that will enable clinicians to see micro-hemodynamics in peripheral vessels, which until now, was not achievable with conventional Color Doppler," Green added.

BK ultrasound systems were used to measure the motion of blood flow in all directions throughout a patient’s body to help clinicians better understand complex hemodynamics.

Analogic’s family of Flex Focus procedure-driven ultrasound systems offer an extensive product portfolio including the Flex Focus 400, Flex Focus 500, Flex Focus 800 and Pro Focus UltraView 800. All systems support a broad range of innovative transducers to address the challenges of demanding interventional procedures.

The broad transducer portfolio makes the Flex Focus family systems some of the most versatile in ultrasound imaging. The company’s VFI technology and its new VFI Assist on the Flex Focus 500 and 800, and the UltraView 800 ultrasound systems are optimal for any vascular application where hemodynamic and volume flow information is needed.