The joint venture development agreement will allow the development, regulatory approval and distribution of SiN articulating hip and knee implants in the US and abroad. The agreement further secures both companies’ competitive positions in the largest segment of orthopaedic care.

Nik Nikolaev, chairman and chief executive officer of Orthopaedic Synergy, said: “Amedica’s SiN technology is ideally suited for the innovative modular hip and knee replacement products developed and marketed by our company, and we view this Joint Venture Development Agreement as a step forward in solving the issue of wear in reconstructive orthopaedic products.”

George Cipolletti, president of OMNIlife Science, said: “Finding the appropriate material to use as a bearing surface in Total Joint Arthroplasty has been an elusive goal, especially for Total Hip Replacement. We have been investigating alternate materials for some time, and we are convinced that Amedica’s SiN technology is the answer. We are proud that they chose OSI to be their partner.”

Ben Shappley, chief executive officer, president and director of Amedica, said: “We are pleased that this agreement is now in place. SiN is a disruptive human implant material that has application in spine, reconstructive surgery and other orthopaedic implant indications. We are honored to be in this relationship with Orthopaedic Synergy it is truly an alliance that, in time, can clearly enhance patient outcomes.”

Amedica markets silicon nitride ceramic technologies that are being utilised in spinal implant applications. The silicon nitride (SiN) materials have disruptive characteristics for hip and knee implant applications, as well.

The material is fracture resistant and its bearing/articulating surfaces do not produce wear debris that is linked to osteolysis-related, re-operations. Additionally, the implants are BioActive with a hydrophilic surface and a conductive cancellous structure to enhance bone in-growth and attachment, said the company.

Orthopaedic Synergy is a global reconstructive hip and knee implant and instrument concern that designs, manufactures and distributes its products.