AMD’s Aggregated Network Services (AGNES) Medical Gateway is a telemedicine device aggregation appliance responsible for gathering and distributing patient medical information in real time and independent of any video conferencing system network.

AGNES runs under Windows with specialized medical device drivers and customized web services capable of secure, real time streaming. Data can be rendered via Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Air.

John Cambray, chief architect of AMD, said: “AMD’s new generation of devices can be leveraged to enrich users’ telemedicine web experience as information is continually requested, consumed and reinterpreted.

“Web 2.0 applications like AMD’s AGNES are changing the way clinicians and doctors participate in the telemedicine experience. AMD Dynamic Encounter Network (ADEN) and AGNES’s Web 2.0 capabilities are primarily about the benefits of ease of use for both doctor and clinician.”

AMD is a Telemedicine Encounter Management Systems company (TEMS) and a global supplier of telemedicine technology, devices, and application software for both dynamic encounters (live telemedicine) and deferred consultations.

AMD offers diagnostic medical devices and tConsult Encounter Management Software that is equipped with device management, case creation, work flow and archival.