ALR Technologies has created an algorithm for advancing medication therapies for patients with non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes mellitus. The algorithm assists prescribers in making evidence-based medication therapy selections in accordance with the latest clinical practice guidelines set forth by the American Diabetes Association.

ALRT Diabetes Solution is an FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant, remote diabetes patient management system that leverages blood glucose data patterns to improve diabetes outcomes.   The system includes patent pending predictive A1C and FDA cleared insulin dose adjustment features to assist healthcare providers to manage patients who use insulin therapy. The new algorithm expands the functionality of the current ALRT system to support therapy advancement decisions for the myriad of diabetes patients who are not using insulin.

The ADA has a well-vetted decision tree to help prescribers advance medication therapies for patients throughout the continuum of diabetes care. The new NID algorithm directly follows ADA guidelines, and will allow the ALRT Diabetes Solution to assist prescribers in proceeding with evidence-based treatment options, from the most basic non-insulin regimen up to basal/bolus insulin therapy. We will be offering the complete package bundled with and at the cost of very competitively priced blood glucose testing supplies. Using the ALRT platform, primary care physicians and their teams will be able to titrate medication therapies in shorter time frames and rapidly measure the impact of those therapy changes. Diligent patient management in the primary care setting improves clinical outcomes and dramatically reduces healthcare delivery costs.

Source: Company Press Release