As part of the deal, Alphaeon will be a co-exclusive sales representative with Tracey for iTrace platform within the US.

Alphaeon CEO Robert Grant said: "iTrace is a great complement to our developing ophthalmic technology offering, integrating with TouchMD to further enhance the patient education experience.

"We believe it will be a catalyst for ophthalmologists to grow their premium, custom procedures including Refractive Lens Exchange and Lasik."

According to Alphaeon, iTrace has been developed to measure a patients’ quality of vision with patented forward ray-tracing technology.

With iTrace, ophthalmologists can identify internal aberrations, helping them to determine the best refractive procedure and customize lens implant for each patient.

Tracey Technologies president Joe Wakil said: "We believe diagnostic information available in the iTrace, like the new dysfunctional lens analysis, will provide Alphaeon’s customers with quality of vision tools that will improve patient care and ultimately practice performance."

Alphaeon will start selling the iTrace platform from this month.

Tracey develops and markets refractive diagnostic devices. It has produced devices integrating ray tracing aberrometry wavefront analysis with advanced corneal topography analysis, with iTrace series of products offered since 2008.

Image: Alphaeon Corporation Headquarters, Irvine, California. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire/ ALPHAEON Corporation.