Member of the Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences in the US, Penchas is a frequent contributor and positioned expert in global healthcare, having published literature on complexity in healthcare systems.

“In today’s age of technology, the expanding multi-billion dollar stenting industry is growing as healthcare professionals and hospitals gain greater accessibility to this minimally invasive alternative,” said Penchas. “Having developed the sole next-generation removable medical stents, Allium Medical is revolutionizing procedures and steering many medical fields into a new direction.”

Limor Domnitz Gishri, Allium’s chief executive officer, commented, ”Allium Medical is delighted about the board appointment of such a veteran in the medical field. Prof. Shmuel Penchas not only provides the medical seal of approval for our pioneering stent technology, but we will greatly benefit from his stewardship and deep knowledge of medical challenges in providing effective treatment to patients.”