The new alliance will empower patients, families and medical providers, helping them recognize subtle but important changes in an individual’s condition in a timely manner.

“Our Rothman Index is an effective, easy-to-understand tool for improving the management of chronic conditions, enhancing the quality of wellness programs and optimizing clinical trials and research,” said Darlene Arbeit, NFA, HFA, chief operating officer for Sarasota-based Alive Sciences.

BodiMetrics is a global leader in deploying multi-parameter devices to streamline the collection and analysis of vital signs. The BodiMetrics™ Pro Health Monitor (an FDA Class II device) and the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor capture ECG, heart rate, systolic blood pressure, blood oxygenation, temperature and other vital health metrics.

“Partnering with an innovator like Alive Sciences is a critical next step in extending our industry-first portable, palm sized and easy-to-use multi-parameter devices’ capabilities to extend health and wellness tracking,” said Neil Friedman, COO of BodiMetrics, a privately held company headquartered in Manhattan Beach, CA.

“Integrating the Rothman Index questions into our mobile applications will allow users to conduct a quick self-assessment and add context to their daily collection of vitals,” added Friedman.

“Our leading-edge integrated mobile app will provide users with a unique health score and trends highlighting areas they can address themselves or share with their caregivers or health providers.”

BodiMetrics is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative devices that leverage remote diagnostics and monitoring to set individual health goals, foster ongoing wellness and improve adherence to treatment protocols in self-managed and third-party assisted care programs, such as congestive heart failure (CHF), asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, weight management and family wellness.

BodiMetrics will incorporate the Rothman Index from Alive Sciences into its device and mobile applications platform.

“Our patented, first-of-its kind, early-warning system utilizes general health indicators such as vital signs and body system reviews to form a composite score that is simple, easy to track and understand from day to day,” said Arbeit. “The Rothman Index has already been validated in numerous studies, and we are now focused on all settings outside the hospital.”

Alive Sciences helps individuals, families, and healthcare organizations identify warning signs of health problems, manage chronic conditions, and enhance personal wellbeing.

Through partnerships with health technology developers and care providers, the innovative Sarasota company is deploying the Rothman Index (Ri), a patented, easy-to-understand, early-warning system, outside the hospital setting to support individual wellness and residential care programs, as well as optimizing clinical trials and research.