The new launch reflects the dynamic growth of Spain and Portugal (jointly known as Iberia) in the EMEA region and beyond. Iberia is the third largest Invisalign market worldwide (after North America and China), growing dynamically year on year.

The second of its kind in Europe and the fourth worldwide, the treatment planning facility in Madrid aims to increase the company’s commitment to Invisalign trained doctors in Spain and Portugal, and will play a key role in Align Technology`s strategy to be closer to its customers and support them in digital treatment planning.

The new facility, which will also act as education centre for doctors, will bring together current commercial teams representing Iberia and the new treatment planning team to provide Spanish and Portuguese doctors with first-hand support from the local staff. The new 3,500 square meter office will host 185 employees by the end of this year – a significant increase from the 10 employees employed in Spain since 2013.

Align Technology Iberia general manager Juan Manuel Frade said: “Since we launched our operations in the country 17 years ago, we have seen continuous growth and have played an important role in expanding Align’s operations in the EMEA region.

“The city of Madrid offers a vibrant ecosystem for innovative companies, while our new facilities support Align`s efforts to offer first-hand local support to Spanish and Portuguese dental professionals, helping them achieve the clinical results they expect and deliver effective, cutting-edge dental options to their patients.”

The state-of-the-art facilities in Madrid will serve as commercial and operations site for the entire Iberia business. Align Technology, as a global medical company, works directly with doctors across both countries to provide them with the Invisalign system of clear aligners that doctors prescribe to their patients to straighten their teeth. The new facilities will provide Invisalign trained doctors with closer, more personalized support to ensure they in turn can offer improved service to their patients.

Align Technology global operations senior vice president Emory Wright said: “Our newly opened facility in Madrid is an important step forward in bringing our technology closer to Invisalign doctors, in a time of growing demand for clear aligner therapy from both consumers and doctors.

“This facility will allow us to directly support the orthodontists in Iberia in their effort to continue to achieve greater clinical outcomes in teeth straightening. The in-region expertise and localization of services in strategic markets is necessary for us to be able to serve the growing needs of the doctors for local support.”

The treatment planning facility will be equipped with the latest technology, including Align Technology’s proprietary software which makes it possible to create a customized treatment for each patient. The new treatment planning facilities are part of the 100 million dollar global investment that the company expects to make this year, and will enable the Madrid site to offer some of the most innovative orthodontic solutions in the region.

Align Technology EMEA senior vice president and managing director Simon Beard said: “We are extremely proud to be launching our second European treatment planning facility in Madrid. It spearheads the technological innovation within the clear aligner field, placing Spain and Portugal at the forefront of the digital future of orthodontics in Europe.

“Iberia continues dynamic business growth, being the strongest contributor to Align Technology’s 38% growth across EMEA last year. I am confident our expansion of the infrastructure and the geographical coverage will continue to deliver exceptional results and will help us strengthen our relations with Invisalign trained doctors in the region.”

The company officially opened the new facility today during a ceremony attended by Invisalign trained doctors from Spain, media and dental associations.

Clear aligners are a removable and transparent teeth-straightening solution produced using digital and 3D technologies. This type of solution differs from other orthodontic devices in that they are more comfortable and can be easily removed for eating or drinking. Used to treat minor to complex types of malocclusions, clear aligners are replaced every one or two weeks, depending on a doctor`s recommendation, gradually moving teeth towards the projected final position.

Digital treatments are created at Align Technology’s treatment planning facilities by CAD designers, following doctors’ guidelines and instructions. The new treatment planning facility represents a milestone in Align’s expansion in Iberia that will ensure that doctors in the region, which are already supported by local clinical and customer support teams, also benefit from the presence of local CAD designers, enabling doctors to offer an improved service to their own patients.

Source: Company Press Release.