Under the terms of agreement, A-Life Medical will provide exclusive CAC services that directly address radiology procedures. A-Life’s CAC offerings are provided through its Actus Application Suite, a computerized coding and workflow management product that leverages A-Life’s patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, LifeCode.

The combination of Actus and LifeCode is expected to increase coder productivity by up to 300% through improved coding workflow efficiencies, code consistency and traceability for compliance. A-Life’s LifeCode technology improves physician and hospital reimbursement by automating the medical coding process.

A-Life Medical said that after exploring other coding alternatives in recent years, Drs Hill & Thomas Co. chose to align exclusively with A-Life after realizing firsthand the extensive benefits of LifeCode and the Actus product, including rich feature functionality and high accuracy levels, which allowed for enhanced coding efficiency and productivity.

Jeffrey Kampman, chief financial officer of Drs Hill & Thomas Co, said: “After witnessing the power of A-Life’s NLP capability, we determined that this NLP solution affords us many advantages. The LifeCode engine has continually demonstrated its efficiency, accuracy and compliancy. Those features allow our physicians to focus solely on the delivery of high-quality radiology services, with the confidence that A-Life’s efficient, labor-saving solution is capturing pertinent diagnosis and procedural information, thereby supporting procurement of the full and proper reimbursement to which the physicians are entitled.”

David Byrd, vice president of business development, said: “We look forward to a long-standing partnership with Drs Hill & Thomas Co. This new, exclusive agreement was forged based on A-Life’s proven and unparalleled capabilities in the marketplace, which allow physician practices to significantly reduce coding costs, thereby enhancing overall business office efficiency.

“This is a result of the strength of our NLP technology, LifeCode which is capable of reading and translating medical codes similar to that of a human in merely seconds.”