The accreditation is for Alere’s Nurse24 program, a 24/7 nurseline staffed by registered nurses that empowers individuals avoid unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits and serves as an ‘early warning system’ for emerging health conditions before they become expensive and acute medical events.

The accreditation is a voluntary review process for organizations that provide health information products (HIP) governed by NCQA’s rigorous Standards for Certification.

The accreditation process evaluates an HIP organization’s management of various aspects of its data collection and systems operation, and the process it uses to continuously improve the services it provides.

Health information managers from Nurse24 program help participants navigate through questions and concerns about symptoms, appropriate treatment choices, co-morbid conditions and additional risk factors, as well as refer them to relevant healthcare services.

Alere health CEO Tom Underwood said this achievement demonstrates their commitment to provide the highest quality services to clients and dedication to deliver services based on a strong, comprehensive, quality infrastructure with consolidated data and policies.