The OMA DM Server has the capability to activate and remotely manage all devices over the air.

Built on Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DM 1.2 and collaborative WiMAX Forum standards, Alepo’s OMA DM Server eases and automates end-to-end mobile device management by enabling Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates, diagnostics, bootstrapping, provisioning, configuration, monitoring, lock and wipe, and reporting.

With a built-in, OMA-defined firmware update management object (FUMO), the Alepo OMA DM Server automates FOTA updates for hands-off delivery of new services, security updates and critical fixes to bugs that may interfere with network operations.

In addition to firmware updates, other necessary OTA configuration changes to mobile devices may include: radio frequencies, NAP ID, RAPL, CAPL, voice service parameters, subscription information, and more.

Alepo’s OMA DM Server integrates with other network elements, including Alepo’s 16e AAA Server, convergent BSS / OSS platform, and subscriber portal.