The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved Relizorb, which helps patients with complex medical situations digest and absorb the required fats they take via enteral nutrition.

Relizorb has been designed to mimic the normal pancreatic function by breaking down fats in enteral tube feeding formula.

It enables to deliver increased absorbable calories from fatty acids and monoglycerides to adults who are partially or completely unable to breakdown and absorb fats.

In studies, Relizorb has demonstrated to break down 90% of fats in majority of enteral feeding tube formulas, including the most difficult to breakdown long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Option Care’s ability to offer individualized treatment via its Nutrition Support Program played a crucial role for its selection to provide and support the administration of Relizorb.

The program follows a multidisciplinary patient care team approach and includes a registered dietitian at all of the company’s branches.

Option Care clinical program manager of specialty infusion programs Kimberly Petruccelli said: "We’re so pleased to be chosen to provide such an innovative product, which we believe can improve the quality of life for patients in need of nutrition therapy.

"Our registered dietitians have extensive experience and expertise caring for patients in need of complex therapies, including enteral nutrition, and can ensure they receive the highest level of care."