The SMART Suite platform intends to streamline, simplify and advance cataract surgery for surgeons and patients.

Via digital and open cloud-based infrastructure, the SMART Suite by Alcon will connect multiple diagnostic and surgical devices, enabling to integrate practices’ existing cataract diagnostic equipment, electronic medical record (EMR) systems, and technologies in the Alcon cataract refractive suite.

The suite will provide eye care professionals an easy access to patients’ crucial diagnostic data across the cataract procedure.

The cloud-based data will enable eye care professionals analyze and optimize procedures with enhanced precision for improved patient outcomes.

Expected to be available in mid-2019, the SMART Suite can be used with currently available surgical equipment such as Centurion, ORA, Verion, LenSx and other future additions of the Alcon Cataract Refractive Suite.

Alcon global business and innovation president Michael Onuscheck said: “The SMART Suite by Alcon will be an important addition to our market-leading cataract refractive equipment portfolio and it builds on our existing cloud-based technologies like the ORA System.”

The SMART Suite by Alcon will be based on the Philips HealthSuite digital platform, which provides expertise and regulatory compliance for cloud-based services and technical tools to enable the new suite to integrate into customers’ practices.

The medical cloud capabilities of HealthSuite will connect Alcon and third party surgical and diagnostic devices, and its data aggregation and storage services will enable eye care professionals to collect data from devices EMRs and patients and store it securely.

Its identity and access management capabilities will allow to protect the privacy of health data by controlling administrator, and patient and clinician access to data.

Philips platform will allow the SMART Suite by Alcon to facilitate secure, open data exchange between facilities, clinicians and patients.

Philips HealthSuite digital platform business leader Dale Wiggins said: “The ability of Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform to securely unify and connect devices and data while providing advanced analytics capabilities is a powerful tool for the next generation of personalized eye care solutions.”