Through a joint venture agreement with Eastar Industries, AirWare Labs’ nasal filters will be re-branded and sold in pharmacies throughout China, offering a new line of defense against the world’s highest levels of air pollution and avian flu.

AirWare Labs CEO Jeffrey Rassás noted that this joint venture with Eastar Industries is an important step in AirWare’s mission to help people live healthier lives through better breathing.

"Residents of China are struggling with life-threatening air pollution that impacts their health on a daily basis. AirWare’s filtered nasal products are an effective and discreet alternative to the face masks many wear to combat the negative effects of polluted air," Rassás added.

Designed with an integrated filter media from 3M, AirWare’s nasal inserts trap airborne contaminants and prevent them from entering the body through the nasal passage.

The filter protects wearers from up to 90% of common particulates, 75% or more of airborne viruses, and 92% or more of plant spores and airborne pollens. Face masks, which are widely used throughout China, do not provide a complete seal against contaminants and force wearers to breathe in their own exhaled carbon dioxide.

AirWare Labs’ joint venture agreement with Eastar Industries is the latest in a series of distribution announcements. The company recently announced a licensing agreement with Breathe Active that includes a $2m national television media campaign. In 2013 AirWare Labs announced a national rollout into 7,500 Walgreen’s stores.