With the acquisition, AirStrip has been licensed the wireless fetal/maternal monitoring technology from Sense4Baby. This acquisition will initially allow women to undergo non-stress testing to monitor fetal and maternal heart rate and contraction patterns using non-invasive sensors at physicians’ offices, clinics and ambulances.

Using AirStrip ONE, an enterprise-wide interoperable mobility solution, patient data from the Sense4Baby system will be mobilized.

AirStrip ONE delivers vendor- and data source-agnostic information from multiple sources and care settings to support multiple caregivers and mobile device form factors.

Originally researched at the West Health Institute, Sense4Baby technology platform was licensed to Sense4Baby and the company received an investment from the Gary and Mary West Health Investment Fund.

Sense4Baby president and CEO Dr Jessica Grossman noted that AirStrip’s established expertise in clinical mobility, particularly in fetal/maternal mHealth technology, will support the ongoing clinical and commercial development of the Sense4Baby system.

"Innovative mobile solutions that leverage the Sense4Baby and AirStrip ONE technologies provide an opportunity to improve the quality of care for mothers and babies," Dr Grossman added.

Sense4Baby has obtained the European CE Mark and the US Food and Drug Administration’s 510(k) approvals in 2013 to commercialize its medical device in clinical settings.

AirStrip is planning to seek the FDA clearance for the Sense4Baby technology for home-based monitoring.

Image: Sense4Baby’s non-invasive, wireless electronic maternal/fetal monitoring system. Photo: Courtesy of BusinessWire/Sense4Baby, Inc.