AirPal RAMP All-In-One (Rapid Airway Management Positioning All-In-One system) is designed primarily for the operating room (OR) to facilitate airway management in applications such as pre-oxygenation prior to anesthesia intubation, airway axes alignment for tracheal tube insertion to improve POGO scores.

The application also includes optimisation of glottic exposure, assistance with extubation to minimise the threat of tissue trauma, and many other procedures that require precise ear to sternal notch positioning.

Other potential application areas include use in intensive care situations, emergency medical transport, and certain clinical care procedures.

AirPal said that the RAMP differs from conventional patient positioning techniques because it offers continuous adjustability, unlike the static wedges or linen props that must be readjusted each time the patient is moved.

AirPal president Jim Weedling said that the new products will enable nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other caregivers to optimally adjust a patient’s angle of elevation for procedures that require precise airway positioning, and more easily transfer patients laterally before and after the procedure.