William Miller, CEO of AIBioTech, said: “The automation provided by AutoGenomics’ INFINITI Analyzer has enhanced workflow in our laboratories. With their expanding menu of molecular applications we have found AutoGenomics to be very responsive in meeting our emerging testing needs.”

Fareed Kureshy, CEO of AutoGenomics, said: “We are excited at this partnership and impressed with the test portfolio that is being offered by AIBioTech. The versatility of our BioFilmChip Microarray technology allows us to rapidly develop new applications to meet the needs of AIBioTech.”

AutoGenomics has developed the automated, microarray-based multiplexing diagnostic platforms that can be used to assess disease signatures with genomic and proteomic markers in the area of genetic disorders, infectious disease, cancer and pharmacogenetics.

The company claims that with the discovery of genes and their link to various disease states, the platform has a key role to play in the way patients are diagnosed, monitored and managed.

AIBioTech, a contract research organization, provides consultation on experimental design and offers services under GLP and non-GLP compliance.