The device, RevVac auto-retractable vacuum safety syringe, uses a patented technology to create vacuum which causes the needle to retract into the barrel of the syringe or device after an injection is administered or blood is drawn.

Agntech president Carlos Carvalho said, "We recently gained the approval by the regulatory body to participate in several public biddings for the sale of RevVac and we are confident that both Revolutions Medical and Agntech can achieve success in Brazil because of the positive feedback obtained through our marketing efforts."

Revolutions Medical chief executive officer and chairman Ron Wheet said the opening of the Brazilian market for RevVac safety syringe is a key milestone for the company.

"Brazil is one of the leading countries in health care safety with government legislation driving the safety syringe market," Wheet added.

"The Company is planning another visit to the Yeso-med manufacturing facility in China in December to discuss increasing production capabilities of the 3ml and to put together the timeline for the roll out of the 1ml, including the tuberculin and insulin RevVac safety syringes, as well as the 5ml and 10ml."