SureGuide harnesses Agilent’s industry-leading oligonucleotide synthesis platform to create CRISPR guide libraries, which are a critical component of the CRISPR/Cas genome editing system.

The flexibility of Agilent’s SureGuide platform enables CRISPR-based functional screening for any application, from genome-wide knock-outs (GeCKO) to fully customized, user-designed libraries.

The introduction of genome engineering tools, based on CRISPR, has rapidly accelerated research related to functional studies of complex diseases and drug discovery.

Genetic screens using pooled libraries are typically performed to locate and identify genes that are involved in cellular response, such as in signaling pathways, or to discover the function of novel genes.

The introduction of CRISPR-based tools has provided an opportunity to overcome the limitations of previous technologies used in functional screening.

As a key component in any CRISPR experiment, guide library quality and composition can affect all of the downstream segments of the workflow including screening effort, sequencing cost and false positive/negative identification.

SureGuide offers high-fidelity CRISPR guides alongside SureVector cloning technology, which enable an optimal distribution of guides to be maintained across even the most complex libraries.

SureGuide CRISPR libraries are available in three formats:

Ready-to-package plasmid libraries consist of GeCKO libraries; target all exons in the human or mouse genome; and have been validated by researchers studying functional gene interactions on an -omics scale.

Ready-to-clone custom libraries enable user-defined custom CRISPR targets in mammalian cells. These custom libraries can be prepared for delivery with Agilent’s SureVector library cloning kits, which makes plasmid library generation a simple and rapid process.

Ready-to-amplify custom libraries enable researchers to design every aspect of their CRISPR library, allowing the use of alternative delivery systems, cloning approaches, and the development of CRISPR libraries targeting any set of genomic regions in any organism.

“Agilent SureGuide CRISPR Libraries are built on Agilent’s well known, high-fidelity oligo synthesis platform,” said Herman Verrelst, Agilent vice president and general manager, Genomics Solutions Division and Clinical Applications Division.