Rubicon Genomics has entered into a supply agreement with Agilent Technologies for its PicoPLEX WGA kits.

PicoPLEX WGA kits have been developed to amplify genomic DNA from a single cell.

The kit, which will be marketed with Agilent's GenetiSure pre-screen kit, will be used for comprehensive genome-wide analysis of day five embryos such as aneuploidy analysis of all 24 chromosomes.

PicoPLEX WGA technology can also be used for genetic characterization of any single cell sample or picogram quantities of isolated DNA.

The kits are suitable for use in microarray analyses, as well as PCR assays. They can be used for research use only.

It helps to avoid handling errors and improve time to results, in addition to reducing background.

According to Rubicon, the PicoPLEX DNA-seq is available for use with NGS applications

Rubicon CEO Dr James Koziarz said: "Our patented PicoPLEX WGA kits have a well-earned reputation for quality and reproducibility in the assisted reproduction field, where they have been a key component in pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS).

"We're delighted that Agilent will be making our kits available to their customers, joining a growing list of leading technology companies who offer our PicoPLEX technology."

Rubicon Genomics is engaged in the development of nucleic acid library preparation and companion products for research applications.