The company launched two diagnostic panels, including MassArray Dx lung panel and MassArray Dx colon panel, as well as MassArray Dx instrumentation such as MassArray Dx Analyzer 4 and MassArray Dx Nanodispenser RS 1000.

The two diagnostic panels are claimed to be the first in vitro diagnostic tests marketed by the company in Europe. They were developed in partnership with Diatech Pharmacogenetics.

Both firms were also involved in the development of additional test panels.

Agena Bioscience CEO Pete Dansky said: "Our entry into the European clinical diagnostics market is a pillar of Agena’s global strategy to grow its clinical business with targeted, clinically actionable tests.

"The MassArray Dx Lung and Colon Panels will provide rapid and reliable diagnostic results to help physicians select the most effective treatments for their oncology patients."

The multiplexed MassArray assays enable the user to concurrently analyze the relevant oncogenes, helping in reducing cost and turnaround time.

MassArray Dx colon panel holds capability to simultaneously analyze around 200 mutations in the four major oncogenes involved in the pathogenesis of colorectal cancer.

MassArray Dx lung panel can simultaneously analyze over 300 mutations in ten genes implicated in the pathogenesis of lung cancer.