AFP Imaging Corporation announced the release of the NewTom VGi offering the latest technology in the NewTom family of Cone Beam 3D imaging equipment. Officially released at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, the VGi offers exciting new features including an increased field of view (FOV), improved patient positioning, additional modes with scan size and resolution options, as well as overall enhanced image quality. VGi is available in a fixed unit for offices, or in a mobile unit, making a mobile imaging center an option for any group practice or community. NewTom VGi, with a 50% larger field of view, captures a full volume of the dento-maxillofacial region providing full cephlometric images which are vital to orthodontists. The VGi also incorporates a High Resolution Zoom mode (HiRes Zoom) that collimates the region of interest and captures images at twice the resolution of standard scan. The redesigned patient positioning of VGi features a comfortable motorized chin rest, and positioning lasers. These improvements, in addition to increased patient comfort, stabilize positioning for clearer and better images. NewTom CB3D scanners are already the trusted name for producing the clearest 3D images. The new VGi takes quality imaging to the next level. As an example, when utilizing the VGi's data with third-party treatment planning software, bone surfaces are less prone to "holes" in volume reconstructions, a hurdle that other CB3D manufacturers have yet to overcome. The VGi images are now enhanced with greater contrast and less noise. Artifacts and scatter are negligible, leaving images, including soft tissue views, remarkably clean. "To date, NewTom image quality has been considered the very highest, unsurpassed", said Roberto Molteni, Chief Technical Officer for AFP Imaging. "The VGi provides the next generation of imaging excellence." NewTom VGi includes patented SafeBeam technology which calibrates radiation based on patient size.