The new OncoScan FFPE assay kit with its unique molecular inversion probe (MIP) technology will analyze highly degraded DNA from FFPE samples from only 80ng input DNA in just two days.

This new product provides whole-genome copy number data with specifically enhanced high resolution in approximately 900 known cancer genes, loss of heterozygozity (LOH) across the whole genome as well as clinically relevant somatic mutation data – all from a single assay.

An updated version of BioDiscovery’s Nexus software, OncoScan Nexus Express Software, enables copy number calls for hundreds of samples in minutes and will be included with the product.

The new kit was successfully tested earlier this year in M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, ARUP Laboratories and other leading cancer research institutes.

The technology has previously been made available via the OncoScan FFPE Express 2.0 Service from the Affymetrix Research Services Laboratory and has demonstrated an unparalleled success rate.

This platform is claimed to enable detection in highly degraded samples, unlocking a wealth of stored information in FFPE archives of ten years and older.