US-based N-of-One has entered into a business partner agreement with Affymetrix, which provides DNA microarrays.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

As part of the deal, N-of-One will supply copy number variation (CNV) analysis interpretation for Affymetrix OncoScan assay customers.

OncoScan FFPE assay kit is said to offer a genome-wide copy number profile from a solid tumor sample, while analysis of copy number aberrations was shown to inform therapeutic strategies in oncology.

N-of-One CEO Chris Cournoyer said: "We are focused on partnering with Affymetrix to meet the growing demand for OncoScan assay by delivering high quality, cost-effective and scalable interpretation that meets their business objectives."

Both the firms are working together, in a bid to combine data from OncoScan assay with N-of-One interpretation, allowing clinicians to optimize value of tumor profiling based on CNV analysis.

The combination will allow clinicians to understand CNV analysis, which will help in identifying targeted therapeutic strategies in clinical research and clinical trials.

Affymetrix senior vice-president and clinical business general manager Kim Caple said: "The combination of OncoScan assay and N-of-One interpretation will provide highly valuable intelligence to aid clinicians as they decide individual treatment options for their clinical research."