Aethlon will contribute into ESI all exosome-related patents and patents pending.

Jim Joyce, chairman and chief executive officer of Aethlon said, “The ability to reduce circulating exosomes would likely reverse immune suppression and increase patient responsiveness to both immunotherapy and chemotherapy, thus positioning ESI to participate in the $43 billion cancer therapy market. ESI also plans to advance exosome diagnostic and research services, and explore recently discovered opportunities to address exosomes in disease conditions beyond cancer.”

“ESI allows us to leverage the previously unrecognized value of our non-infectious disease research into a new asset that positions us to be an important participant in the emerging exosome industry. We also maintain the option of installing an independent management team at ESI and if appropriate in the future, may spin out part or all of ESI as a means to achieve fuller valuation for Aethlon Medical shareholders,” concluded Joyce.

Aethlon creates diagnostic and therapeutic device solutions for infectious disease and cancer.