HeartView P12/8i is an ECG event recorder-transmitter for personal use, while HeartView 12L is a high-resolution 12-lead ECG recorder and transmitter designed for professional use.

HeartView P12/8i features high-resolution 12-lead ECG recording technology specifically designed for patient use.

The HeartView P12/8i and HeartView 12L ECG devices automatically transmit the recorded ECG through Bluetooth to Aerotel’s Mobile CliniQ App. The ECG data is then automatically sent from the mobile device to a cardiac call center for immediate diagnosis.

The HeartView devices allow diagnosis of cardiac symptoms, remote monitoring of chronic heart patients, recording and transmission of an ECG to a cardiac call center, and cardiac analysis for clinical studies.

Aerotel president and CEO David Rubin announced the company is proud to present the most advanced ECG mobile solutions currently available on the market.

"The two new mobile devices are aimed at improving patients’ quality of life, enabling people who previously had to remain in the hospital to get on with their normal lives," Rubin added.

HeartView P12/8i and HeartView 12L are investigational devices in the US and not available for sale in the country.