Advanced Bionics in collaboration with Phonak introduced Naída CI, an advanced behind-the-ear sound processor in the world.

Naída CI is fashionable, lightweight and enhances the performance and wireless connectivity.

The sound processor is 40% smaller than the previous behind-the-ear sound processor.

Naída CI uses the most advanced cochlear implant technology along with the state-of-the-art Phonak technology available in hundreds of thousands of hearing instruments.

The Phonak UltraZoom feature in combination with Advanced Bionics’s ClearVoice technology increases the speech recognition in noise by 55%.

Advanced Bionics president Hansjuerg Emch said that with Naída CI, the company has delivered a quantum leap forward in performance and wireless connectivity in a small, attractive package.

"If you use Phonak products and get a cochlear implant from AB, you now have the opportunity to enjoy many of the same Phonak features and accessories," Emch added.