The acquisition and installation of state-of-the-art capital equipment promises to speed the development of medical device prototypes and enable automated precision manufacturing of components to increase dramatically, which in turn, converts into the opportunity for significant growth in revenues.

"We are excited about bringing this automated production machinery into our engineering infrastructure," stated Andre' DiMino, CEO of ADMT. 

 "And, we are proud to be contributing to the renewed goal of bringing quality manufacturing back to America, especially doing this with equipment also made in America." 

Mr. DiMino is referring to the two manufacturers of the equipment, Haas Automation, Inc., one of the largest machine tool builders in the world, manufacturing its equipment in California, and Shopsabre CNC of Minnesota, manufacturers of automated plasma metal cutters.

The addition of the automated CNC machine tool equipment further distinguishes ADMT from its competition.  Timothy Gilmartin, Vice President Production, stated, "In my over three decades with ADMT this is the most dramatic expansion of equipment and capacity we have installed. 

This is now propelling ADMT to the status of being the company of choice for engineering and developing the most advanced electronic medical device technologies." 

Mr. Gilmartin continued, "We now have equipment that can give us an end-to-end pipeline for bringing our customers' products, as well as our own proprietary products, from the conceptual stage right into automated manufacturing, all in-house." 

"We believe this investment has the potential to bring us a dramatic return on investment that will only grow over time," concluded Mr. DiMino.

ADMT specializes in electronic medical device design, development and manufacturing for diagnostic and therapeutic medical technologies at its FDA-Registered Medical Device Manufacturing Facility in Northvale, NJ. 

The Company is a one-stop source for complete design, engineering, regulatory and manufacturing services, specifically related to medical devices.  Its capability in bringing a medical device from the conceptual stage, through design, development and regulatory stages into production, all in-house, differentiates ADMT from firms which supply only portions of those services.

In addition to engineering, regulatory and manufacturing services for both partners and clients, ADMT has a number of proprietary medical devices.  These devices, conceived, designed and produced in-house include therapeutic and diagnostic medical technologies in fields as diverse as audiology, physical medicine, wound therapy, neurology and urology.