ADM Tronics announced that the Alvio Respiratory Technology it has had under development pursuant to its previously announced agreement with QOL Devices, has achieved US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification.

Alvio is a versatile respiratory therapy and training platform targeted for use in respiratory training applications.

Over 80 million people in the US and over 1 billion people worldwide suffer with respiratory challenges such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), CHF (congestive heart failure), and asthma. It has been generally accepted and determined that regular respiratory training is an important aspect to improving the health for these patients.  The cloud connected Alvio technology can provide an end-to-end solution for respiratory training and data tracking.  Alvio employs games and activities to incentivize patients, especially children, to complete respiratory training, overcoming chronic non-compliance issues.

“We are pleased that we have achieved FCC certification, an important milestone in the development of Alvio,” stated Bez Arkush, founder and President of QOL.  “ADMT’s technology resources in medical device development, regulatory expertise and experience was key to getting to this point.   With the FCC certification secured, we can now proceed to the next steps in our commercialization activities for Alvio. We believe the Alvio platform can solve a major challenge in the healthcare market by offering the next generation of a combination of data and device connectivity – it’s Respiratory Therapy 2.0™.”

ADMT is the exclusive manufacturer of Alvio technology for QOL and owns approximately 25% of QOL.  The Alvio device will be manufactured in ADMT’s FDA Registered medical device manufacturing facility in Northvale, NJ.

Andre’ DiMino, President and CEO of ADMT stated, “It is very rewarding to be able to develop and manufacture medical technology that can improve health and well-being.  For me personally, it is especially rewarding to know that Alvio can help children with asthma who can now ‘play their way to better health’ by interacting with their breath on the video games in Alvio.”

Mr. DiMino also commented on the broad potential markets for Alvio technology, “In addition to incentivizing children to comply with respiratory training through the gamification functions of Alvio, adults can use their breath to perform activities and monitor breathing and respiratory progress on smart devices.  This can help millions with a wide range of respiratory challenges.  And the cloud connectivity provides multiple avenues of data collection and transmission to caregivers.”

Source: Company Press Release.