Adaltis Inc. (Adaltis) board has elected Peter Bambic as president and chief executive officer (CEO) and a member of the board of directors of the company, effective February 9, 2009. In this role, he replaces Pierre Larochelle as president and CEO of Adaltis. Larochelle will remain on the board of directors of Adaltis and will ensure a smooth executive leadership transition, working with Bambic in his new role.

“The election of Peter Bambic as the new President and CEO of Adaltis Inc. comes at a very exciting time in the history of the Company, as we are heading into an accelerated period of growth with the launch of Eclectica and the growing prospects opening up in China” said Michelle Cormier, chairman of the board of directors. “Under Pierre’s leadership over the last five years, Adaltis has entirely repositioned its strategic direction, establishing a strong organization and position in the China market, and investing in the development of new products and technologies, that will be ideally suited for the growing needs in emerging countries, such as China and India. Adaltis is very well-positioned, both structurally and with its product offering, to become an important player in the IVD markets in major emerging countries. The board of directors is grateful and thanks Pierre for the major contribution and leadership he has brought over the last few years at Adaltis” said Cormier.

“Peter’s extensive experience over the last 25 years in the in-vitro diagnostic markets, and proven track-record to successfully grow businesses in emerging markets, including in the China market, constitutes an ideal addition for our Company, entering this crucial new phase in its history”, added Cormier.

“I am very excited about the opportunities ahead at Adaltis. The Company has a very compelling and unique product offering and solutions that will meet the growing needs that we are observing in developing markets around the world. With the increasing investments being made in the healthcare and diagnostic markets in key countries, it will be fundamental for us to leverage our position in China and we intend to seize an important share of those growing markets with our flagship product, Eclectica. I appreciate the opportunity to join and lead Adaltis at this exciting juncture in the Company’s development”, said Bambic.