Ferrin will lead a sales force focused on making sales presentations to seniors and caregivers both in their homes and in ActiveCare’s showroom.

The ActiveHome Monitoring System is a combination of smart home and monitoring technology, allowing members to turn all the lights out in their house and lock the door with the press of one button.

The ActiveCare solution incorporates sensor technologies that allows a member to be constantly monitored in their own home and on the go.

Inside the member’s home, ActiveCare installs sensors that allows ActiveCare’s 24/7 CareCenter to monitor their movements and health conditions.

When the CareCenter detects any type of anomaly it can contact the member through a body worn watch device, the ActiveWatch or through the ActivePortal, a video portal located in the senior’s home.

The CareCenter can track vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight and glucose levels.

It can also monitor how long the member has been in bed or in a chair and can assist in turning on and off lights and locking or unlocking doors.