Along with the newly rebranded AS1 Pro Ankle Brace and 329 Ankle Sleeve, Active Ankle enters Summer 2016 with a goal to bring athletes the next level in ankle protection.

Derived from athlete needs, the Eclipse II and I are changing the game in rigid ankle support.  Improved from the classic T2 Ankle Brace, the Eclipse II Rigid Multi-Sport Ankle Brace provides maximum protection through its solid U-shaped design and innovative multi-point strapping system.

The anatomically correct bilateral hinge allows for unencumbered forward/back and vertical mobility, while the unique, contoured stirrup shape improves fit and creates a more compact ankle device that is lighter in weight. Custom molded EVA padding in Eclipse II conforms to the shape of the ankle and prevents overheating.

To complement the Eclipse II, the new Eclipse I Rigid Multi-Sport Ankle Brace provides superior mobility while maintaining the protection of a rigid ankle brace through its unique single upright design.

By engineering a rigid brace with only one support in Eclipse I, Active Ankle has been able to increase side-to-side mobility while still maintaining rigid protection. In addition, freeing up the inner ankle allows athletes from a broader range of sports to enjoy rigid ankle protection with little compromise to performance.

Athletes participating in sports such as basketball, football (RB, WR, CB), soccer, cheerleading and more will now have a new option for ankle support. Similar to the Eclipse II athletes can look forward to Eclipse I's multi-point strapping system, custom molded EVA padding and anatomically correct, uni-lateral hinge.

For athletes looking for less support than a rigid brace but more security than tape, Active Ankle recommends newly rebranded AS1 PRO Multi-Sport Sport Lace-Up Brace. This ankle brace provides enhanced protection while maintaining the comfort of the classic lace-up ankle brace.

The product is designed with supportive compression and integrated vertical straps that imitate a heel-lock taping technique.

Athletes in need of moderate to low level ankle support and looking for maximum comfort usually turn to ankle sleeves. The newly rebranded 329 Ankle Sleeve provides support to ligaments with specialized warmth through its supportive compression, multi-directional dual straps and innovative heel-lock technology.

"Active Ankle provides a full range of ankle braces and sleeves to help athletes minimize injury and perform with confidence," said Senior Brand and Category Manager Tim Dunphy. "Our braces and sleeves are developed through extensive field research and trials with athletes of all skill levels ranging from professional to youth sports. These four products were made with the modern day athlete in mind."

Leading the pack for more than 25 years, Active Ankle has continued to revolutionize the ankle protection market.

Since the development of the original Trainer Rigid Ankle Brace, Active Ankle has been at the forefront of innovation in the ankle brace category. These products serve athletes and allow them to perform their best while providing unmatched support and design.

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