The Acist CVi system is an advanced contrast injector which provides a method of contrast injection for all cardiac and vascular angiography procedures. The Acist CVi technology was developed with the primary purpose of enabling the cardiologist to achieve greater focus on the image and the patient, instead of on stopcocks, syringes, tubing, and other equipment.

Acist said that its advanced, variable flow-rate injection systems have demonstrated procedural efficiency, cost savings, and reduction in contrast dosing to the patient, when compared to traditional hand-manifold and power injection methods.

Fulvio Renoldi-Bracco, head of the Bracco imaging global business unit and CEO of Acist Medical Systems, said: “Our agreement with HealthTrust to provide the Acist CVi contrast injection system demonstrates our goals of streamlining the process of placing quality, clinically beneficial, and cost-effective technology in the hands of clinicians more quickly and efficiently.

“This agreement provides HealthTrust members the opportunity to access the CVi injection system and provide a real benefit to their hospitals, their physicians and staff, and, most importantly, to the patients they treat.”