Wound care and regenerative medicine firm Acelity has introduced Nanova Therapy System in Europe, which is a new absorbent dressing with improved negative pressure for slow-to-heal wounds.

The disposable hand-activated Nanova Therapy unit can be used with multiple dressings for up to 30 days, allowing clinicians to provide cost-effective negative-pressure wound therapy (NPWT) outside the hospital setting.

Acelity president and CEO Joe Woody said: "Existing NPWT devices can be seen as overly complex for the management of lower acuity wounds, particularly in post-acute settings where the majority of chronic wounds reside.

"With the addition of the Nanova Therapy System, we provide clinicians with a convenient and cost-effective treatment option for these slow-to-heal wounds, while strengthening Acelity’s industry-leading portfolio across the total spectrum of wound acuity and care settings."

The Nanova unit integrates DermaTac protective seal technology that allows easy repositioning of the dressing as required.

Weighing around 7.2g, Nanova can be carried in a pocket and it will continue to absorb exudate even in the absence of negative pressure in the community setting.

Acelity has been established by uniting three firms Kinetic Concepts, LifeCell and Systagenix Wound Management. The firm’s products are available in around 75 countries.