Under the terms of the strategic alliance, Siemens is expected to receive the right to sell Accuray’s CyberKnife System globally as part of its portfolio of healthcare products in multi-product sales. Accuray will continue to sell and distribute the CyberKnife System directly and through its existing distribution network.

The companies are also expected to create a R&D alliance to explore potential synergies between the complementary skill sets and technological capabilities of both companies. Additionally, Siemens will purchase and incorporate elements of Accuray’s technology in its linear accelerator products.

Euan Thomson, president and CEO of Accuray, said: “Our strategic alliance with Siemens will expand Accuray’s global footprint in radiation oncology by adding a complementary new sales channel for delivering our technology to a larger patient population while allowing Accuray to continue to focus on growing our unique and market-leading radiosurgery business.

“While we expect the alliance to create new sales opportunities for the CyberKnife System, we are equally excited about the potential opportunities that could emerge from our R&D relationship. We believe that the combination of radiation treatment and advanced imaging will make a significant contribution to the future of cancer care. Siemens imaging and technological expertise could create exciting opportunities for Accuray to further enhance our position as the innovator in radiosurgery treatment.”

Holger Schmidt, CEO of oncology care systems at Siemens Healthcare, said: “We are pleased to offer our customers the innovative CyberKnife System through our broad distribution network. At the same time, the addition of key elements of Accuray’s state-of-the-art technology will enhance our radiation oncology products. We look forward to working closely with Accuray to realize the full potential of the combination of radiation treatment and advanced imaging.”