Accuray said that the new CyberKnife VSI System brings important advantages that will allow the Creekside Cancer Care center to broaden the range of non-invasive treatment options it offers. The time to deliver a radiosurgery plan may be reduced by up to 50%, with no compromise in accuracy as is seen with hybrid radiotherapy systems.

Accuray claimed that the CyberKnife VSI System has advanced the ability to track and correct for tumor motion, important for treating lung cancer, and allows a greater number of patients to be treated non-invasively.

The combination of speed and accuracy allows the CyberKnife VSI System to be used for procedures ranging from world class radiosurgery to Robotic Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). Doctors at the Creekside Cancer Care center will be able to deliver precise radiation treatments over varying treatment sessions, or fractions, to customise their care to meet the needs of each patient.

Euan Thomson, president and CEO of Accuray, said: “Centers like Creekside Cancer Care recognise and appreciate the opportunity that the CyberKnife VSI System presents to treat more patients, more effectively, and in the manner best suited for the patient. The CyberKnife VSI System demonstrates our commitment and ability to continue the technological and clinical lead we’ve established in the radiation oncology field.”

Kelley Simpson, MD of Creekside Cancer Care, said: “Unlike other radiotherapy or ‘hybrid’ approaches, the CyberKnife VSI System gives us the most flexible and adaptive delivery possible utilising 3-dimensional imaging and 6-dimensional tracking to detect tumor motion and to automatically correct for any changes in the patient or target position.

“Our acquisition of the latest technology, the CyberKnife VSI, allows us to provide targeted robotic radiosurgery or radiation therapy in the most appropriate increments for each, individual patient. This allows us to better tailor our care to ensure the right amount of radiation is delivered to the right place in the right time frame for each patient, all with the same superior accuracy for which the CyberKnife is known.”