InterCure Ltd. announced that a new study published demonstrates the use of RESPeRATE for 15 minutes a day significantly lowered blood pressure in non-insulin dependent diabetics. This study strengthens nine previous studies that validate the efficacy of the device. The device has already received FDA and CE-mark approval for the adjunctive treatment of hypertension. Moshe H. Schein, MBChB, M.S., Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center has conducted the randomized, controlled trial of 66 non-insulin dependent (Type II) diabetic patients with uncontrolled blood pressure. Despite the fact that 82 percent of the study population was already taking antihypertensive medication before the start of the trial, baseline systolic blood pressure levels remained high while diastolic levels were controlled. Study participants using device-guided breathing with RESPeRATE at home for eight weeks experienced a significant reduction in office systolic blood pressure (mean+SE) -10.0+1.8 mm Hg (p0.4). A full 88 percent of patients using RESPeRATE experienced a significant blood pressure reduction, in contrast to only 45 percent of the control group.