AccendoWave, the leading NON-PHARMACEUTICAL OPIOID ALTERNATIVE, is bringing its clinically proven opioid alternative to patients at home with the new AccendoWave Active Discomfort Management solution.

This solution has been proven to reduce discomfort in 83%2 of patients in a clinical setting. With a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and AT&T connectivity, patients recovering at home now have access to this digital pain relief.

“After providing pain relief to over 56,000 patients in a hospital setting, we are thrilled to be offering a solution to patients suffering at home,” said Martha Lawrence, CEO and Co-Founder of AccendoWave. “Over the past 3 years, AccendoWave has been providing Active Discomfort Management in hospitals throughout the United States, with patients daily asking to purchase the technology from the hospital; today is the day we get to say YES you can feel more comfortable at home without the risk of Opioid addiction.”

The AccendoWave solution uses a headband to read the patient’s electroencephalography system (EEG). The device knows if the patient is in pain and tries to distract them away from the discomfort. Content is provided to the patient depending on their pain level. The patient is also able to rate whether the distraction alleviated the discomfort felt. The distraction content is delivered to patients on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. All Samsung mobile devices are protected by Samsung Knox, a HIPAA-ready mobile security platform that’s built in at the chip level, protecting from chipset to application layer.

“AccendoWave has made great strides in delivering a solution that measures and mitigates patients’ discomfort while they are in the hospital,” said John Curtis, Vice President, B2B Mobile, Samsung Electronics America. “With this new, home-based version delivered on Samsung Galaxy tablets, they are enabling extended care that gives patients peace of mind when returning home.”

AccendoWave Active Discomfort Management is available exclusively on the AT&T network. The use of cellular connectivity allows seamless deployment in the hospital and at home. It also eliminates hospital security concerns of devices connecting over internal networks. AT&T connectivity works together with Samsung Knox to enable tablet security and provides reporting data needed to secure inventory.

“IoT technology not only connects people and things, but can also help improve and save lives,” said Chris Penrose, Senior Vice President of AT&T’s Advanced Mobility and Enterprise Solutions group. “Opioids led to over 47,000 deaths in the U.S. in 20171. AccendoWave uses technology that provides an alternative to prescription drugs. Our connectivity allows that alternative to be available to patients in their home. A great example of IoT for Good.”

AccendoWave Active Discomfort Management can be rented on a monthly basis for $299 plus tax with direct shipping to the patient’s home. Initial availability will be offered to patients that have used AccendoWave in the hospital and wish to continue usage at their home.

Source: Company Press Release