Accelr8 Technology has completed the sale of a non-exclusive license for its proprietary OptiChem bio-coatings to a public diagnostics company. The licensee is expected to pay $1,865,000 over four annual escalating payments and intends to use OptiChem in its disposable diagnostic devices.

David Howson, president of Accelr8, said: “We are very pleased to have a diagnostics innovator select OptiChem after comparing a number of competing coatings. Once again, OptiChem offered superior technical attributes that improve total system performance at advantageous costs with scalable manufacturing.

“The licensee’s products do not compete with our BACcel rapid diagnostic system, but complement it in different applications. This license expands our corporate presence in the clinical diagnostic segment. It also opens future licensing opportunities for additional, complementary new diagnostic applications that take advantage of the optimization we’ve achieved with OptiChem’s development.”

Accelr8 Technology is a developer of materials and instrumentation for advanced applications in medical instrumentation, basic research, drug discovery, and bio-detection.

Accelr8 has also been developing a rapid analytical platform for infectious pathogens, the BACcel system, based on its surface coatings, assay processing, and detection technologies. In addition, Accelr8 licenses certain of its proprietary technology for use in applications outside of Accelr8’s own products.